Nonsequitur: A $1.4 Million Dollar Coin Flipper

April 4, 2016

Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spent $1,400,000 to develop and install a randomizer app that picks left or right … randomly.  (That’s all it does.) A TSA official then reads the left/right arrow and directs people to enter the appropriate left/right line.  You can read more details here  or view the video below.  Notice in the video that the official clarifies that there are exceptions to the randomizing – groups, families with children or elderly, etc.  I especially like the exception, “when the line gets too long, we don’t randomize.” Typical government efficiency and consistency on display.

(By the way, I have no criticism of the TSA official in the video.  She is doing her job in a friendly and efficient manner, even while being video recorded.)


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