Suggested Readings: Big Business and Big Government

April 5, 2016


Study: At a Reading Desk (Frederick Leighton)

Three discussions of the relationship between Big Business and Big Government.  The Cato Institute offers this essay, an older but excellent piece demonstrating that “the history of Big Business is the history of Big Government.”  (This article is interesting as it predates the “Great Recession,”  a downturn caused at least in part by the disfunctional partnership of these two elements.)  Aaron Houlihan of Generation Opportunity offers a short, succinct demonstration that “ It’s Not Big Business vs. Big Government, It’s Both Against You.”  Houlihan points out, “[b]efore he supported it, Barack Obama called it corporate welfare.” Finally, The Weekly Standards Irwin Stelzer asks where the traditional US support for capitalism has gone in “Clueless Capitalists.”  Stelzer includes a nice description of how each of the four main presidential candidates stands on the capitalist system.


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