Apparently, college is un-teaching our young people.




As of 4/20/16:

Republican (1237 to win):

Trump – 845; Cruz – 559;  Kasich – 147; Other* – 186

*Rubio (171); Carson (8); Bush (4); Fiorina (1); Huckabee (1);  Paul (1)

Democrat (2382 to win):

Clinton – 1930 (1428 by vote, 502 superdelegates); Sanders – 1189 (1151 by vote, 38 superdelegates)

Most people want some pretty basic things from the powers-that-be: Safety, freedom of movement and the opportunity to get ahead. Where these things prevail, people tend to be pretty happy. Where they don’t, people tend to be less so — and to vote with their feet when they have the opportunity.

USA Today’s Glenn Harlan Reynolds has a short but spot-on piece explaining why progressive policies usually lead to an exodus of people.  It’s all about results.  Liberal intentions may be good, but the consequences, unintended or not, are usually bad.  You can read his essay here.

Some people are unable to work due to injury, illness or other physical limitation.  These people should, and do, have access to Disability benefits through Social Security.  Some people are able to work, but are temporarily displaced due to layoffs, technology changes or other shifts in the work force.  These people should, and do, receive Unemployment Insurance benefits.  But according to the GAO, in 2014, the US government paid $1.3 billion in disability payments to people who were also receiving unemployment benefits.  Apparently, this mostly wasn’t fraud but incompetence by  the Social Security Agency.  You can read more about this error and other negligent actions resulting in wasted tax dollars here.



Last week, National Review‘s Deroy Murdock reminded us to consider Ted Cruz’s tax reform proposals. So I did. You should too.  You’ll find the Senator’s announcement of his Simple Flat Tax Plan here. You’ll find  Details and Analysis of Senator Ted Cruz’s Tax Plan at The Tax Foundation.