Suggested Readings: The State We Are In

May 27, 2016

Portrait of Edmond Duranty

Portrait of Edmond Durante – Edgar Degas

This week I am suggesting a hard look at who we have chosen to become and the consequences of that choice.  Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow observes that we are now “A Nation of Peter Pans,” living like the lost boys as perpetual children.  Stella Marbito, of the Witherspoon Institute, identifies on-going social engineering seeking to break down individual and family rights.  “A De-Sexed Society Is a De-Humanized Society,” she argues, for “… if you abolish sex distinctions in law, you can abolish state recognition of biological family ties, and the state can regulate personal relationships and consolidate power as never before.” Finally, the Hoover Institution’s Richard Epstein points outs “The Perils of Executive Power,” referencing the myriad legal challenges to President Obama’s Constitutional overreach. (Of course, the dangers of executive overreach are inherent not only in the current administration, but in the next one as well.)


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