We now know that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not follow the electronic communication rules of the State Department and lied about it.  We know Secretary Clinton knew that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack, not a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video, and lied about it.  Did Clinton also lie about secret meetings she had while Secretary of State with foreign Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign donors?

Probably.  Citizens United convinced a federal judge this week that Secretary Clinton most likely did this at least once, and that the State department scheduler must release records that could show Clinton had other secret, off-the-books meetings with donors.

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The Select Committee on Benghazi released its final proposed* report today.  Not surprisingly, it found that interference from the State Department prevented deployment of forces by the Department of Defense.  Consequently, four Americans including Ambassador Stevens were killed by militants.

There was no evidence of protest prior to the attack.  There was no connection to an inflammatory You Tube video.   Despite this fact, the White House coordinated the message that the attacks were a spontaneous reaction to the video.  This was repeated by Secretary of State Clinton and Ambassador Rice.

You can read the complete report here.

*This is a proposed report by the majority.  Of course, this will have to go through mark-up.  This means the Democrats will do all they can to protect the White House and Hillary Clinton from any direct responsibility.  But it seems clear to me that the Obama administration knew this was a terrorist attack on our consulate, knew that military action was required, failed to provide that military action, and then lied about it.  It also seems clear that these failures stemmed from political motives.

Those are not Code Pink or Black Lives Matter or Anti-Trump demonstrators on the floor of the US House of Representatives.  Those are US Representatives!  These “ladies and gentlemen” were elected to do the people’s business.  Instead they organize a sit in and try to chant down the Speaker from doing his Constitutional duty.  And the Democrats call the Republicans “obstructionist”?

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Here’s what Clinton said about Trump: (Full transcript + full video)

Here’s what Trump said about Clinton: (Full transcript + video excerpt; Full speech video:


Sadly, terrorist activity within our borders, primarily related to radical Islamist movements, is not uncommon.  Since 2001, the US has convicted more than 700 individuals here in our country for terrorism or terror-related acts.  About 130 of these were implicated since 2014. At least 40 individuals were allowed into the country as refugees and at least 380 were foreign born.  Our generally ineffective border control and the current administration’s refusal to enforce existing immigration law are adding risk of future terrorist attacks within our border.  Even when the Justice Department knows an individual has suspected ties to terrorist groups or radical clerics, they may not aggressively pursue them.  This was the case for the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen and for Boston Marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev .  Despite President Obama’s unwillingness to articulate it, we know that radical Islamist terrorism is a direct threat to American lives here in our own country.

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