Nonsequitur: Abandoned Principles

June 2, 2016

John Horvat, of the Imaginative Conservative, describes the Clinton-Trump dilemma this way:

The problem with the present election cycle is that principles have been abandoned. The left is arguing programs, not principles. And conservatives are now caving in on principles in the mistaken belief that their own versions of single solutions and promises might be the way to garner votes from a desperate electorate. This impoverished approach is the shortcut to ruin.

When principles are abandoned, there is nothing left to anchor society to reality and a higher law. All things and aberrations become possible. If there is to be a return to order, there must be a return to principles, moral values and imaginative solutions. “What’s the solution?” is the wrong question for our present electoral debate. A better question would be: “What must we do to restore our core principles?”

I think you can argue that Senators Sanders and Cruz campaigned on principles.  But a close (or not so close) second isn’t going to change the fact that our presumptive candidates, and the voters who support them, have abandoned principles for something more visceral.  (Read Horvat’s full article here.)


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