What Difference Does It Make? Missing Tapes

June 6, 2016


In 1973, the Senate Watergate Committee discovered that President Nixon had withheld audio recordings that eventually would prove a cover-up of his administration’s involvement in the break-in to DNC headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.  Facing near-certain impeachment, President Nixon resigned in 1974.

In 2013, a video taped briefing was made describing the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.  This video was edited to exclude the fact that negotiations began in 2011, not in 2013 as described by President Obama and other officials.  Why?  Because President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry touted their negotiations with a “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani as evidence that the deal would be honored. Rouhani wasn’t in office until 2013.   Also, the 2011 negotiations would have been an issue in President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. The Obama administration deliberately misled Congress and the public.

The Obama administration admits the edit was deliberate, but will not investigate who asked to have the edits made.  Were any laws broken?  They don’t care.

Read more here.


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