Nonsequitur: Putin’s Pals

August 2, 2016


Vladimir Putin seems to be meddling in the US Presidential contest.  But who is really in Putin’s pocket, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?  We don’t know for sure about Trump, although it is highly likely that many of his international business deals did, legally, involve Russian funding.  However, recent information shows that Hillary Clinton and her campaign also have ties to Putin, and probably not legally.  (It should surprise no one that Clinton and her cronies benefited financially from her work at the State Department and beyond.  If it does surprise you, see this.) It is also rumored that Russia has gotten access to Hillary Clinton’s unprotected emails.  Which is why Trump infamously asked Putin to publish them.

Of course, Putin has been able to work just about every US President during his time in power.  As far as we know, Putin has no connections to Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, or Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein.  But I wouldn’t be surprised …


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