What Difference Does It Make? Aided and Abetted

August 29, 2016


The Obama administration is culpable in the scandals surrounding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The FBI determined that no charges should be brought against her illegal use of private email because, although she was negligent, she did not intentionally break the law.  But after reading the classified reports of the FBI investigation, Congressman Trey Gowdy (on the House Oversight Committee) revealed that the FBI never asked Secretary Clinton about her intent when she was interviewed. Also, a FOIA request has revealed that Hillary Clinton and many of her aides did not attend mandatory ethics training although asked to do so.   Of course, the State Department was aware of Clinton’s use of unauthorized communication devices and allowed her to use them.  Finally, while Secretary Clinton kept a separate schedule of meetings with non-governmental entities (i.e., Clinton Foundation donors), her State Department schedule would need to schedule AROUND these other meetings.  (Of course, Secret Service would also know of these “unofficial” meetings.) If Clinton played by different rules (and she did), then the Obama administration let her do so.


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