At the End of the Progressive Rainbow: Death Toll in Chicago

September 7, 2016

“If you live in a society where (your children) have to learn to duck and dodge bullets, you have to teach them how to duck and dodge bullets. That’s all you can do.” – Stephanie Armas (from 500 Homicides, CNN)

Since the start of the year, 512 people have been shot and died in Chicago. (382 were wounded in the gunfire.)  Most of these murders have been gang related.  Most victims were black. Many victims were not in gangs but bystanders.

Chicago already has the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Mayor Emanuel and the city leaders have further responded to this surge in violence by admonishing the police department as a “cesspool of racism” and creating a “Reconciliation Process” to “publicly acknowledge CPD’s history of racial disparity and discrimination.”  Read more here.

Violence is surging in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Milwaukie and a host of other progressive cities who have embraced social justice at the expense of actual justice.  When cities (or nations) ignore the rule of law in favor of progressive programming, the results are unsurprisingly chaotic and dangerous, often to the very population the progressive programs were supposed to help.



One Response to “At the End of the Progressive Rainbow: Death Toll in Chicago”

  1. […]  Of course, municipal leaders have reacted to various community protests by BLM and others with aggressive policy reform of police departments.  What are the results of these social justice driven programs?  According to the FBI, last year […]

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