Suggested Readings: Liars and Hypocrites

September 9, 2016


Reading Aloud (William Verplanck Birney)

I have several challenging articles to suggest this week.  Victor Hanson Davis (my favorite contemporary historian) discusses how the affluent in our society, The Virtue-Mongers, try to make themselves feel and look virtuous despite their privilege.  Rimah Jaber, of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, points out the need for professional standards in Ethics in Online Activism: False Senses of Social Action or Effective Source of Change?  In a related article, Heather MacDonald of the Washington Examiner critiques the Black Lives Matter movement for veracity.  Her essay, Black Lies Matter, measures the claims of BLM against the statistical evidence.  Finally, Jed Babbin, of the American Spectator, looks at the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s role in it, and notes All the Lies: They’ve Turned Us Into a Rotting Banana Republic.


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