Hillary Clinton began her political career working for the Watergate Committee’s chief counsel.  Now Secretary Clinton finds herself under investigation for covering up crimes committed by the candidate and her staff.  National Review’s John Fund points out the parallels in History Repeats: A Nixonian Cover-up in the Home Stretch of the Campaign.   Charles S. Faddis, a 20-year CIA officer, explains why Hillary’s emails matter and why it is obvious that she broke the law.  Roger Simon at PJ Media argues that Clinton’s candidacy has left America at Its Most Perilous Crossroads Since World War II.  Finally, I urge you to watch excerpts of a speech by Supreme Justice Anthony Kennedy outlining the importance of the Rule of Law for good governance, for effective democracy and for personal freedom.




FBI Director Comey informed members of Congress Friday that he was reopening the investigation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.  New evidence has been found “in connection with an unrelated case.”  Read more here.

Specifically, resistance entails conceiving of parenting as an act of rebellion against American culture. For example, for parents merely to remain married is itself an act of disobedience and an insult to the spirit of a throwaway culture in which continuity has little value. It is also at least ninety percent un-American to remain in close proximity to one’s extended family so that children can experience, daily, the meaning of kinship and the value of deference and responsibility to elders. Similarly, to insist that one’s children learn the discipline of delayed gratification, or modesty in sexuality, or self-restraint in manners, language, and style is to place oneself in opposition to almost every social trend. Even further, to ensure that one’s children work hard at becoming literate is extraordinarily time-consuming and even expensive. But most rebellious of all is the attempt to control the media’s access to one’s children. There are, in fact, two ways to do this. The first is to limit the amount of exposure children have to media. The second is to monitor carefully what they are exposed to, and to provide them with a continuously running critique of the themes and values of the media’s content. Both are very difficult to do and require a level of attention that most parents are not prepared to give to child-rearing.  

Nonetheless, there are parents who are committed to doing all of these things, who are in effect defying the directives of their culture. Such parents are not only helping their children to have a childhood but are, at the same time, creating a sort of intellectual elite. Certainly in the short run the children who grow up in such homes will, as adults, be much favored by business, the professions, and the media themselves. What can we say of the long run? Only this: Those parents who resist the spirit of the age will contribute to what might be called the Monastery Effect, for they will help to keep alive a humane tradition. It is not conceivable that our culture will forget that it needs children. But it is halfway toward forgetting that children need childhood. Those who insist on remembering shall perform a noble service.

– From The Disappearance of Childhood (Neil Postman, 1994)

Make sure before you submit your ballot, especially electronically, that you check it. Already in early voting, some voting machines are switching ballots.  You don’t want this to happen,  or this or this.

Before submitting, review your ballot to make sure your choices are properly showing.  If anything seems strange or inaccurate, contact the Elections Official/Judge at the polling location for guidance to correct your ballot.

According to the Washington Post, the candidate for the Democratic Party received more than 20% of her campaign funding from 100 rich individuals or unions.  The top five donors:

  • Hedge Fund Manager,  S. Donald Sussman ($20.6 million);
  • Chicago Venture Capitalist, J.B. Pritzker and his wife, M.K. ($16.7 million);
  • Univision Chairman, Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl ($11.9 million);
  • Hedge Fund Manager, George Soros ($9.9 million); and
  • SlimFast Founder, S. Daniel Abraham ($9.7 million).

One of Bernie Sanders’ few criticisms of Clinton was her strong ties to Wall Street.  Looks like he was right.  Whether it’s the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton has never hesitated to take money from those seeking influence.