In celebration of Presidents’ Day, C-Span has released a survey of historians (academics), journalists and lawyers who ranked Presidents from best to worst.  It was pretty much how you’d expect historians (academics), journalists and lawyers to rank Presidents.  (See chart below.)  But it does raise some interesting questions.

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Jenna Ellis at the National Review has an excellent essay explaining that the government does NOT grant rights – it protect them.  (Or should protect them.)

Unalienable rights are endowed by our Creator upon every human by virtue of being human, and privileges are given by our American government to a specific group of people — Americans. The U.S. Constitution is only five pages. It’s not complicated. That’s because it doesn’t grant rights to the American people, it grants specific, limited powers to the federal government to operate in accordance with the Declaration’s mandate: preserving and protecting the rights we the people already possess.

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The Importance of Debate

February 10, 2017

Sen. Marco Rubio on debate in the US Senate (and beyond):