Nonsequitur: It’s 1984 in China

April 9, 2018




“Harnessing advances in artificial intelligence and data mining and storage to construct detailed profiles on all citizens, China’s communist party-state is developing a “citizen score” to incentivize “good” behavior. A vast accompanying network of surveillance cameras will constantly monitor citizens’ movements, purportedly to reduce crime and terrorism. ” –  China’s Surveillance State Should Scare Everyone (The Atlantic)


“[A]uthorities in the autonomous region of Xinjiang sent out a notice instructing citizens to install a ‘surveillance app’ on their phones, or be detained for up to 10 days if they’re found to have disobeyed the order at random spot checks. ” – China’s forcing its citizens to install a terrifying Big Brother app on their phones

“Chinese police use not only legal, but extra-legal powers to deprive or limit the personal liberty of people authorities claim present threats to ‘social stability.’ Between mid-May and early July, for example, more than 130 individuals were ‘criminally detained,’ ‘administratively detained,’ ‘arrested,’ ‘forced to travel,’ ‘taken away,’ ‘put under surveillance,’ ‘taken into temporary custody,’ or ‘home searched’ by the Chinese police, according to the latest report by nonprofit Human Rights in China. One was ‘disappeared’.” – Arrested, Detained: A Guide to Navigating China’s Police Powers

“As hundreds of millions of Chinese begin traveling for the Lunar New Year holiday, police are showing off a new addition to their crowd-surveillance toolbox: mobile facial-recognition units mounted on eyeglasses.  China is already a global leader in deploying cutting-edge surveillance technologies based on artificial intelligence. The mobile devices could expand the reach of that surveillance, allowing authorities to peer into places that fixed cameras aren’t scanning, and to respond more quickly.” – Chinese Police Add Facial-Recognition Glasses to Surveillance Arsenal

Isn’t this really just a problem for the Chinese people?  Not really.  China is using this combination of aggressive surveillance and cutting edge technology to spy on the US and its citizens.  It is most likely collecting data via our apps and hardware.


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