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Read the full text of the formal agreement signed by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un here: http://time.com/5309425/donald-trump-kim-jong-un-summit-document-full-text/



Last year, the total US Trade Deficit was $566 Billion.  The US Trade Deficit in goods only (not services) was $810 Billion.  The largest trade deficits are with these countries:

  1. China – $636 billion traded with a $375 billion deficit.
  2. Canada – $582 billion traded with an $18 billion deficit.
  3. Mexico – $557 billion traded with a $71 billion deficit.
  4. Japan – $204 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit.
  5. Germany – $171 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit.

Source: “U.S. Trade Deficit by Country with Current Statistics and Issues



 “California’s tragic poverty and widening inequality aren’t the result of racist policies imposed from without but rather progressive policies embraced from within.”

Michael Shellenberger has a fantastic essay in Forbes demonstrating how California is an actual “Elysium,” a dystopia where the rich, ruling class maintains their progressive privilege at the expense of the poor.  I highly recommend reading it.