Can there be a free society among citizens who habitually lie, who malinger, who constantly cheat, who do not meet their responsibilities, who cannot be counted on, who shirk difficulties, who flout the law — or who prefer to live as serfs or slaves, content in their dependency, so long as they are fed and entertained?

– Michael Novak

In 1994, Michael Novak was awarded the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion.  The essay, Awaking from Nihilism, is adapted from his acceptance speech.  It reviews the hard-learned lessons of the 20th Century, which, unfortunately, we seem to have already forgotten in the 21st.  Truth, Novak argues, must be pursued and defended in the arenas of politics, economics and culture for liberty to thrive. This is a long-ish essay, but well worth the time and thought required.



Because healthcare is a difficult subject to discuss, I offer this simple breakdown in pictures of the Medicare for All “solution.”


Democrats Supporting Medicare for All

Who Wants It? (Click for a list of Democrats Supporting MFA)



Some Problems with Medicare for All (Click for details)



The Real Problem with MFA?  We can’t even keep the current Medicare system solvent!



The best summary of the Mueller Report I’ve seen is the Thursday press conference by Attorney General, William Barr.  The transcripts are here.  You can view video of the press conference here (courtesy the Washington Post).  If you are so inclined, the full (redacted) Mueller Report is available to read here.   If you’d like my brief views on the subject, read on …

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The cultural winds have shifted in America. Are relativism, social and environmental justice, and enforced political correctness inevitable outcomes of this shift?  Perhaps, but at what cost?  My favorite political historian, Victor Hanson Davis, provides a brief history of this cultural change in The Progressive Revolution: From Democratic to Liberal to Progressive to Socialist. Christopher Roach argues that Social Justice Is at Odds with American Ideas of Justice.  In an older interview, John McWhorter, author of the controversial Losing the Race, discusses the Internal Constraints holding African Americans back.  Finally, we end with a quote from the recent book, Discrimination and Disparities:

Despite how persuasive the words of John Rawls and other ‘social justice’ advocates may be in the world of words, demonstrated facts in the world of reality raise the crucial question as to whether the redistribution of income or wealth can actually be done, in any comprehensive and sustainable sense. Where, instead, there is simply a humanitarian desire to see the less fortunate have better prospects for a better life, the ‘social justice’ argument is both unnecessary and an impediment to joining forces toward that end with others who do not happen to share the implicit assumption of that particular social vision.  – Thomas Sowell, 2019



As the Easter season approaches, the persecution of Christians around the world continues.  Violence and intimidation are common in many areas of Africa, Asia and India.  But persecution, usually in the form of religious discrimination and restrictions on religious liberty, is also increasing in Europe and the United StatesOpen Doors has a good overview of this problem, as well as some useful infographics.