Last week, the US House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross in criminal contempt over the census dispute. This week, the DOJ responded (as required by law):

“The Department of Justice’s long-standing position is that we will not prosecute an official for contempt of Congress for declining to provide information subject to a presidential assertion of executive privilege …. Across administrations of both parties, we have consistently adhered to the position that ‘the contempt of Congress statute was not intended to apply and could not constitutionally be applied to an Executive Branch official who asserts the President’s claim of executive privilege.'”

–  Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen


“We all agree that fighting so that each person is free to believe, free to assemble, and to teach the tenets of his or her own faith is not optional – indeed, it is a moral imperative that this be permitted. All people from every place on the globe must be permitted to practice their faith openly – in their homes, in their places of worship, in the public square – and believe what they want to believe. This week, we need input from all of you on how we can best advance that religious freedom…I want you to know that America’s commitment to religious freedom will never waver. We stand with you and for you in each stage of this fight.” – Sec. of State Mike Pompeo

The second annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom is currently going on in Washington DC, hosted by the US State Department.  The Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom brings together leaders from around the world to discuss the challenges facing religious freedom, identify means to address religious persecution and discrimination worldwide, and promote greater respect and preservation of religious liberty for all.  You can stream the event live, read transcripts of speakers, and view biographies of survivors here:



Part of the strategy of Cultural Marxism is infiltration of religious organizations.    It appears to have worked:




Note that this event is hosted at a Portland church, even though “Budding Roses” is “explicitly non-religious.”  Click here for more details.



80% of Mexico Is Controlled by Cartels

The map above, prepared by the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), shows that 80 percent of the country’s 266 districts recently targeted for enforcement by the Mexican National Guard in a new counter-cartel operation are either controlled (57.5 percent) or disputed (23.3 percent) by the cartels. All of the major cities and all of the main border crossing areas in Mexico are no longer considered by the Mexican government to be under their control.  Of course, the Cartels make their money primarily by smuggling drugs and people into the US.  You can read more details here.

The Supreme Court of the United States must clarify that district judges can decide no more than the cases before them — and it’s imperative that we restore the historic tradition that district judges do not set policy for the whole nation.

– Vice President Pence

In this century, there has been an huge increase in the number of nationwide injunctions, in which federal trial judges bar the federal government from enforcing a law or carrying out a policy across the entire country. In this way, district courts have blocked current administration policy priorities on immigration, national security and health care.  The Trump administration has been issued 37 nationwide court injunctions in its first 3 years.  Attorney General Barr points out that only 27 nationwide injunctions were issued in ALL of the 20th Century.

The Trump administration is looking for specific injunctions to challenge through the Supreme Court, arguing that this practice endows the judiciary with legislative powers not allowed under the Constitution.