The best description of the indictment against Russian parties is from Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein:


You can read the full indictment here:


Samuel Johnson by Joshua Reynolds (1775)


A collection of random articles and essays that may challenge your perspectives on random topics.  We’ll start with a statistical analysis of life in the universe, or the lack thereof, in “Where Are All the Extraterrestrials?”  Next, we’ll come down to earth to explore “Social Justice: Not What You Think It Is.”  Since we are discussing belief systems, let’s consider “The New Testament: The World’s Only Unedited, Frameless, Correlative Anthology.”  Finally, let’s go back to the stars.  Do you know why you cannot ever stay in the same place for more than a moment?  Here’s why.  How’s that for a potpourri of mind-blowing readings?


China is seeing a religious revival and responding with oppressive policies persecuting both Christians and Muslims.  Youth are not allowed to participate in religious ceremonies or attend bible school.  Churches may not display crosses in some provinces.  Several churches and mosques have been destroyed by government edict.  You can read more here:


The New York Times has a good list of local and national organizations looking for donations and volunteers. Read more here:

It turns out that when men and women shed their faith, they don’t necessarily get more liberal, but they do get more tribal and vicious.

National Review’s David French offers an excellent observation that as society, and individuals, become less “religious,” they become less reasonable and more superstitious. French documents others who have noticed the same thing.  You can read the full article here: