Suggested Readings: Beware!

November 30, 2018

Two important articles, both from the American Spectator, warning us of disturbing trends that threaten our prosperity and freedom.

In North Korea, students learn that the United States started the Korean War. In Stalin’s Russia, the commissar vanishes from the photograph. In China, the Chinese Communists, not the Americans, deserve most of the credit for defeating Japan in World War II. And in San Francisco, techies with the social skills of Napoleon Dynamite regulate social behavior for the rest of us by insisting not only that men are indeed women but that any contention to the contrary amounts to beyond-the-pale hate speech. Falsehood, not truth, requires censorship to thrive. – Censorship, Alas, Works

According to the YouGov survey, one-third of all Americans would prefer to live under socialism rather than capitalism. Why? Is it idealism — the desire for a classless society in which everyone is equal and envy does not exist because everything is owned in common? Is it a lack of knowledge? When asked how many people have died under communism, only 31 percent of Americans could provide the correct answer — “Over 100 million.” About seven in ten Americans could not define communism.  Commented one millennial about his peers, “They don’t recognize that much of what they enjoy in life is a result of capitalism and would disappear if socialism were to be implemented. They haven’t seen socialism’s failures firsthand.” – What Americans Must Know About Socialism

On a lighter note, here is a very entertaining satire piece on how we can address the concerns above, starting with the nation’s second-most-famous budding socialist leader – Aides Force Ocasio-Cortez To Watch Entire Run Of ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’

(Actually, I highly recommend ‘Schoolhouse Rock” as a primer of American governance.  You’ll find select videos from the series throughout this blog .)

Milton Friedman discusses which system, collective socialism or capitalism, results in more social justice and equality.