President Trump recently was criticized for calling Baltimore, “rat infested.”  It turns out, Baltimore is rat infested.  In fact, according to the Orkin company, based on commercial and residential rodent treatments, Baltimore is one of the 10 most rat infested cities in the US.   This list includes Chicago,  Los Angeles, New York City,  and San Francisco.   These cities have also seen a drastic increase in diseases linked to rats including typhus and other diseases.

These top 10 most rat infested cities have several things in common.  First, all 10 are Democratic controlled and have been for decades.  They all have strong public unions for employees (including pest and sanitation control staff).  They all have high numbers of homeless.  In fact, several of these municipalities also made the list for 10 Cities with the Most Homeless People.   These cities all have high crime rates.  These cities have significant and rising income inequality.  Nearly all are Sanctuary Cities.

These characteristics point to how the administrations of these cities address public services.  With their Progressive bent, their policies utilize a centralized approach, filtered through social and environmental justice principles, relying on heavy regulation for enforcement and high taxes for funding.  In short, they address big problems with big solutions run by big government.  Just not very well.

How does this approach deal with something as immediate as rat infestations?  Responding quickly to complaints from environmental groups, CalEPA has banned commonly used (and effective) rodenticides statewide as being harmful to regional predatory wildlife, especially California’s cougars and coyotes who eat rats and other pest rodents.




Because healthcare is a difficult subject to discuss, I offer this simple breakdown in pictures of the Medicare for All “solution.”


Democrats Supporting Medicare for All

Who Wants It? (Click for a list of Democrats Supporting MFA)



Some Problems with Medicare for All (Click for details)



The Real Problem with MFA?  We can’t even keep the current Medicare system solvent!



While Congress has been unable to “overhaul” or end the ironically named Affordable Care Act, there have been some significant changes in the favor of patients.  The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes a provision reducing the penalty under ACA for not purchasing “qualifying” health insurance to $0 beginning in January 2019.  A new Department of Labor rule permits small businesses and self-employed individuals to partner together to purchase coverage through “association health plans” or AHPs exempt from many Obamacare’s mandates.  Another new rule will allow short-term insurance coverage that’s cheaper and less comprehensive than Obamacare plans.  Beginning in 2019, these plans can be extended for 36 months.  While not a comprehensive fix of the Obamacare mess, this is a good start.



The price of socialism is very high.  But Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez don’t worry much about that.  Both are touting “universal” government funded healthcare.  But the cost for this proposal will be (depending on whose study you prefer) between $16 Trillion and $32 Trillion of additional federal spending over 10 years.  (The US government currently spends about $4 Trillion a year.)  This would amount to a minimum 10% increase in overall taxes to pay for the proposal.  (It takes “universal” taxes to pay for “universal” healthcare.)  And this does not take into account the affect on the economy of such a massive shift in health care costs.  You can read more here and here.

The Alfie Evans outrage occurred in an NHS hospital with a long record of clinical negligence, including the worst scandal in the history of Britain’s National Health Service. Most of the media have covered Alfie’s case, with characteristic dishonesty, as a tragedy that began before the boy was taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. But, according to the court testimony of the NHS physicians who admitted Alfie, his initial diagnosis involved a fairly common condition: “viral bronchiolitis and a possible prolonged febrile convulsion.” The still-undiagnosed brain disease that allegedly killed Alfie didn’t appear until after he entered this dangerous hospital.

The hospital has had many violations of law and regulations including illegal organ harvesting, multiple safety violations, and a high rate of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).  It seems likely that this last failure led to Alfie Evans’ death.  You can read full details here: https://spectator.org/alfie-evans-is-just-the-latest-victim-of-a-deadly-nhs-hospital/.