Donald Trump has been called a lot things by a lot of people.  He’s been called Hitler, Mussolini, Julius Caesar and, my personal favorite, Loki the Trickster.  (He does have the hair of a frost giant.)  One Republican candidate calls him a con man.  One former candidate says there are two of him.  And one former candidate calls him “friend.”  (Of course, that former candidate is known to have a man-crush every now and then.)  Just about everybody calls him a liar.

However, the real Donald Trump is … Donald Trump.  His act isn’t an act.  It is who he is.

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Once again, the media is promoting a hyped agenda. While Donald Trump has won the majority of popular votes and delegates, he has not sewn up the nomination and isn’t close to doing so.  For Republicans, 1,237 delegates are needed to win.  Here are the current counts:

Candidate          Delegates (3/2/16)          Pop. Vote (3/2/16)                              

Trump                  319                                       3,365,867

Cruz                     226                                        2,764,036

Rubio                   110                                        2,132,894

Kasich                  25                                          650,909

Carson*                8                                            572,788

Bush*                  4                                               —-

Huckabee*            1                                               —-

Fiornina*              1                                               —-

Paul*                   1                                               —-

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Mollie Hemingway has a great discussion of “ignorance in the media” or the lack of cultural competence in contemporary “journalism.” Read more here.

I heard on the radio Al Jazeera America listed as a sponsor for NPR. Thinking I misheard the ad, I did an on-line check, and, sure enough, it’s true. Now, the Qatar funded network has plenty of money, and I don’t mind them advertising. But is it good practice for one news outlet (that’s government subsidized) to take money from another news outlet (subsidized by another government) for advertising? Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Here is a recent story by NPR about the Al Jazeera America launch with a decidedly positive bias. It seems to me that Al Jazeera may have bought more than a 10-second ad spot.