Whether it is a stagnant economy, chaos oversees, gridlock in Washington, sky rocketing costs of health care (despite “comprehensive reform”) or education, everything pretty much sucks right now. You may as well throw in race relations, gender relations, inter-species relations and the weather. Those suck too.

The “New Normal” is where we are right now and where we will stay because of who and what we are. Businesses didn’t respond to the Keynesian Model; the Middle East didn’t make good on the Arab Spring; Americans are inherently racist (Eric Holder said so.); the 1% are Feudal Lords; Russia chose not to participate in the “reset”; the Millenials are self-absorbed; the Boomers are “checking out”; etc., etc., etc. Basically, as stated multiple times by the Washington Post, the New York Times, Bloomberg (the publication and the ex-mayor), Wired and a host of other media outlets – it’s your fault.

Except, it isn’t. It isn’t your fault. And it isn’t normal. The “new normal” is our leaders – political, business, media – trying to make us feel bad for their failures. Anyone who says “the new normal” means “Shut up! Just take it. It’s the best we could do.” And sadly, it is the best they can do. But we deserve better.

Don’t accept the “new normal.” Demand change. Even better, make change. Change leaders. Change who gets your money. Change who gets your attention. Most importantly, don’t listen to anyone to says it is the “new normal.” It isn’t.

I thought progressive taxes and regulations were supposed to improve the lives of the poor and middle class. It’s hard to think of a place more progressive than New York City, and yet …


According to the Census findings, things have gone the other way in NYC in recent years.  What say you, Mayor?

Bloomberg tries to regulate obesity.  McDonald’s fights back.  “Supersize me!” responds Christie. 

Meanwhile, National Doughnut Day goes unprotested.  Krispie Kreme fans rejoice.  Occupiers mourn.  I gain 2 lbs.

  “When government comes unduly under the influence of business, the tendency is to develop an administration which closes the door of opportunity; becomes narrow and selfish in its outlook, and results in an oligarchy … When government enters the field of business with its great resources, it has a tendency to extravagance and inefficiency, but, having the power to crush all competitors, likewise closes the door of opportunity and results in monopoly.”  – Calvin Coolidge, Chamber of Commerce of New York State, November 1925.

From the Oregonian:

Occupiers of Wherever, I have bad news for you: Billionaires make their billions by selling stuff for $49.95 with a two-year contract to “occupiers” like you. If you have a smart phone/pad, are sleeping in an REI tent, wear Nike/Adidas/Reebok, shop at Trader Joe’s, drink Starbucks (organic) coffee, occasionally eat at McDonald’s, or bought a new hybrid with “cash for clunkers,” you are part of the problem. You buy their stuff. That’s how they got rich.

You wanted that new iPhone with the latest apps preloaded. You signed up for guaranteed college loans to pay for a degree in “liberal studies.” You can’t wait to update your Facebook page or Tweet with your latest exploits. You love stuff. Admit it.

Greed isn’t only for the rich. We live in a cage we built ourselves out of the stuff we bought, usually on credit. (Nice sleeping bag, by the way.)


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