Responding to New York State’s “Reproductive Health Act,” which codifies unlimited abortion up to birth, a bookstore in Syracuse closed in faith-based protest:


The owner of The Book Scout, Jon Speed, is pastor of Christ Is King Baptist Church and active in Pro-Life activities.




Recent clashes between various far-right groups and far-left groups (like Patriot’s Prayer and Antifa in Portland OR) are usually violent and disruptive.  But they also can be confusing to normal people who spend their time working, going to school, paying taxes and taking care of family and neighbors.  A summary of these two fringe groups may help.

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Portland, Oregon is a Mecca for protest.  Right now, it’s “Occupy ICE.”  It will be something else in a month or two.  But as protests often do, it has caused collateral damage.  The ICE protesters have threatened and harassed a local, non-profit food truck that raises money for the homeless.  (Portland has a big homeless problem.)  The police under the current protest-supporting mayor, have done nothing.  The protesters have so successfully prevented the food truck from doing business that now it is closing.  Read more here.


He’s already the President


There’s already immigration law


Criminals and the insane don’t care about gun laws


That clerk can’t change corporate policy


You may not have a job, but I do and now I’m late


It’s hard to take you seriously in those hats 


Only bad guys and ninjas dress in black and wear masks (and I don’t think you’re ninjas)

Is Antifa anti-USA?  I’ll let them answer that themselves:


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Update: The Department of Homeland Security now categorizes Antifa activities as “domestic terrorism violence.”