Besides democracy, rule of law, civil rights, women’s rights, property rights, public education, modern medicine, abundant and safe food, indoor plumbing, indoor lighting, paved roads, telephones, automobiles, computers, the open market, and the freedoms of religious practice and political speech, what has Western civilization ever done for us?

Recently, the Stanford Review offered The Case for a Western Civilization Requirement at Stanford University.  The accompanying petition to bring back “Western Civ” failed by a large margin.  The current trend in media, education, and (most disturbingly) the political arena is a wholesale rejection of traditional Western values.  Ben Shapiro warns that When You Don’t Appreciate Your Civilization, there may be dire consequences.  Instead, the Association of Mature American Citizens suggests, quite reasonably, that we give Three Cheers for Western Civilization.




I watched the Apollo 11 moon landing on TV as a kid (on a black and white television). But this is NOT in the recent film, “First Man,” a biopic about astronaut Neil Armstrong.


Plastic Water Bottle Floating in Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, California, USA

Surprise!  Only a little comes from the US.  A majority of the plastic waste in our oceans comes from China and nearby Asian countries.  Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan each throw more garbage into the waters than we do.  So does the European Union.  The US accounts for less than 1% of the plastic waste in the ocean.  (Banning straws in California isn’t really going to make much difference.)  You can read the dirty details here.






Samuel Johnson by Joshua Reynolds (1775)


A collection of random articles and essays that may challenge your perspectives on random topics.  We’ll start with a statistical analysis of life in the universe, or the lack thereof, in “Where Are All the Extraterrestrials?”  Next, we’ll come down to earth to explore “Social Justice: Not What You Think It Is.”  Since we are discussing belief systems, let’s consider “The New Testament: The World’s Only Unedited, Frameless, Correlative Anthology.”  Finally, let’s go back to the stars.  Do you know why you cannot ever stay in the same place for more than a moment?  Here’s why.  How’s that for a potpourri of mind-blowing readings?