It used to be about cleaning up pollution and making the universe livable.

Bonus: See the actors behind the voices:

The chart below shows the “levelized costs” (without subsidies) of US energy sources:

The least expensive sources of energy are the older ones: Gas, Coal and Hydro.  The energy sources with the smallest capacities:  Wind and Solar.  The highest capacities: Nuclear and Geothermal.

What is the best energy source?  Just ask Scotty …

Without dilithium crystals, we're not goin' anywhere!

This is the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek.  This series of television shows, movies, comics, etc.  has always mixed science fiction with social commentary about race relations, gender roles, and politics.  It also forshadowed technology (and problems with technology) fairly well.  We don’t have warp drives or teleporters (yet), but we did end up with space shuttles, communicators (cell phones) and tricorders (iPads).

You can view full episodes here: and a nice slideshow of TOS creatures here: