“…we’ll tell them they can keep their plans…”

Under Obamacare, health insurers who are planning a rate increase of more than 10% must notify the administration why they are doing so. Several of the largest insurers are planning rate increases well above that, ranging from 25% (Moda of Oregon) to 51% (Health Care Service Corp of New Mexico). The reason is simple – more patients on their plans who are sicker and requiring more expensive treatment. (Surprised?) Unfortunately, under Obamacare, the feds cannot prevent insurers from making their desired rate increase. Read more here.

The Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering highlights costs of the FCC Lifeline Program.  Lifeline was originally created to provide free landline phone service to low income households for emergency and basic usage.  Since the mid-90s, it has been funded primarily by the Universal Service Charge included on all consumer phone accounts  But in 2008, the program was expanded to include free cell phones and service. 

The cost of the program skyrocketed from about $800 Million to more than $1.25 Billion, with evidence of wide-spread fraud.  There are proposals in both the House and Senate to reform Lifeline in order to return the program to its original intent, provide low cost basic phone service for those who need it most.  Spiering points to Rep. Tim Griffin’s video “Uncle Sam’s Unlimited Plan” for details.

From the 2012 DNC Convention:

The full text of this speech is available here: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/national_world&id=8801624

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I can accept that the Affordable Care Act is a penalty tax that adds to the deficit without controlling health care costs.  But this …


According to Papa John’s CEO, Obamacare is going to raise the cost of pizza!  I don’t mind paying more for prescriptions, but pizza is an important part of my mental health plan!  Something must be done.

Ashlea Ebeling, of Forbes, breaks down the upcoming ACA tax hikes, many of which will affect “regular folks” making less that $250K.

She notes that  Americans For Tax Reform has a full list of ObamaCare’s 20 new or higher taxes on American families and small businesses.