Recently, Congress and the DOJ have opened investigations into anti-trust and other questionable business practices of the largest Tech firms.  But the dangers of the increasingly embedded influences of Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. aren’t just financial.

Deanna Fisher of Victory Girls reports that Tech Company Platforms Move into Censorship  as YouTube, Google and others are creating and using algorithms to ban content and users that they find “unacceptable” under their values.  More and more Americans are using Social Media as their primary source of news and increasingly a significant content provider for education.  This makes the gatekeeper role of self-serving and biased Big Tech a significant concern.

Even more disturbing is China’s Scary Social Credit System Made in USA by Google and Facebook, documented by PJ Media’s Roger Simon.  Big Tech has partnered with the Chinese government to track and control the general populace using social media tools.  Basically, these companies are helping build a 1984 style society (and getting paid very well for it).

UPDATE:  Apparently, Google is still hungry as demonstrated by this Project Veritas expose where a top executive verifies the tech company is working toward “preventing the next Trump situation.”  This is mirrored in an internal email from the Google “transparency-and-ethics” group (also available on Project Veritas) which states,

“…if we understand that PragerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro et al are nazis using the dog whistles…”

and calls for blocking them from the suggestion feature.






Two scholars consider the past, both ancient and recent, with important lessons for today.  First, my favorite historian, Victor Hanson Davis, uses the ancient author, Petronius to describe Our Modern Satyricon.  His analysis points to the societal cost of our cultural choices.  Next, Hal Singer considers How Big Tech Threatens Economic LIberty and questions whether Facebook/Google/Amazon aren’t just another “King Monopoly,” crushing independent businesses and consumer choice.



Besides democracy, rule of law, civil rights, women’s rights, property rights, public education, modern medicine, abundant and safe food, indoor plumbing, indoor lighting, paved roads, telephones, automobiles, computers, the open market, and the freedoms of religious practice and political speech, what has Western civilization ever done for us?

Recently, the Stanford Review offered The Case for a Western Civilization Requirement at Stanford University.  The accompanying petition to bring back “Western Civ” failed by a large margin.  The current trend in media, education, and (most disturbingly) the political arena is a wholesale rejection of traditional Western values.  Ben Shapiro warns that When You Don’t Appreciate Your Civilization, there may be dire consequences.  Instead, the Association of Mature American Citizens suggests, quite reasonably, that we give Three Cheers for Western Civilization.




As expected.  Lost jobs.  Cut hours.  Increased prices.  All across the country from New York to Seattle and everywhere in between.  But at least it is good news for robots.

Update:  Oh, it also put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ former employer, “The Coffee Shop” in NYC, out of business.




A couple of disturbing articles to get you thinking about how you think:

Fifteen Devastating Quotes That Show How Dangerous Social Media Has Become to Society (John Hawkins, PJ Media)

American Narratives: The Rescue Game (John Michael Greer, Resilience/The Archdruid Report)