Nonsequitur: More Good News

February 18, 2020



The Poverty Rate is down.  The Personal Satisfaction Rate is up.  (Let’s try not to mess this up, shall we?)




Source: Projections by World Data Lab

Despite what you’re hearing from some presidential candidates, capitalism is working very well.  For the first time in human history, there are more people who are “middle class” than poor or vulnerable.  Read the details (at the Brookings Institution) here:




President Trump recently was criticized for calling Baltimore, “rat infested.”  It turns out, Baltimore is rat infested.  In fact, according to the Orkin company, based on commercial and residential rodent treatments, Baltimore is one of the 10 most rat infested cities in the US.   This list includes Chicago,  Los Angeles, New York City,  and San Francisco.   These cities have also seen a drastic increase in diseases linked to rats including typhus and other diseases.

These top 10 most rat infested cities have several things in common.  First, all 10 are Democratic controlled and have been for decades.  They all have strong public unions for employees (including pest and sanitation control staff).  They all have high numbers of homeless.  In fact, several of these municipalities also made the list for 10 Cities with the Most Homeless People.   These cities all have high crime rates.  These cities have significant and rising income inequality.  Nearly all are Sanctuary Cities.

These characteristics point to how the administrations of these cities address public services.  With their Progressive bent, their policies utilize a centralized approach, filtered through social and environmental justice principles, relying on heavy regulation for enforcement and high taxes for funding.  In short, they address big problems with big solutions run by big government.  Just not very well.

How does this approach deal with something as immediate as rat infestations?  Responding quickly to complaints from environmental groups, CalEPA has banned commonly used (and effective) rodenticides statewide as being harmful to regional predatory wildlife, especially California’s cougars and coyotes who eat rats and other pest rodents.




An abandoned neighborhood in Detroit

Patrick J. Buchanan asks, “Are Illinois and Puerto Rico Our Future?”  Like Greece, the US Virgin Islands and Guam, as well as the Cities of Detroit, San Bernardino and Stockton, governments throughout the West are finding progressive taxes are unable to keep up with the costs of progressive programs.  Even federal services such as the US Postal Service and AMTRAK run deficits at or near $1 billion every year. Ironically, the progressive state is unsustainable.