Metaphor of the Moment: Next!

March 9, 2015

If you treat IRS rules the way the IRS treats IRS rules, you go to prison; if you treat federal law the way the secretary of state does, you go to prison. If you treat immigration controls the way our immigration authorities do, you go to prison. If you’re as careless in your handling of firearms as the ATF is, you go to prison. You cook your business’s books the way the federal government cooks its books, you go to prison. – Kevin Williamson, National Review

"...we'll tell them they can keep their plans..."

“…we’ll tell them they can keep their plans…”

We’ve had enough inept, corrupt and negligent leaders. We’ve had enough over-spending, over-regulating and over-intrusive government. We’ve had enough cronyism. We’ve had enough leading from behind. We’ve had enough obfuscating language (you know, lying). We’ve had our fill of Progressives and Neo-Cons. And we’ve had our fill of Clintons, Bushes and Obamas.

We’d like something different please. Good governance. A respect for the law. A willingness to hear the people and involve the people. An ability to actually solve our country’s problems. Basically, we’d like to try something new – leadership.


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